About Rivermen

Rivermen at Adventures On the Gorge Has Something for Everyone

Since 1980, our goal at Rivermen has been to provide the ultimate West Virginia outdoor adventure experience for families, couples and singles, groups of friends and other adventure seekers. Our popular adventures, from whitewater rafting to rock climbing, mountain biking to zip lining and everything in between always balance safety with excitement, high performance with fun and learning with achievement. We consistently achieve these goals at Rivermen because we expect more from ourselves than many other adventure companies and because we truly love what we do.


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We are located within a day's drive 60% of America's population. Whether you're coming from around the corner or from Timbuktu, these directions will get you here quickly. 

The Original Rivermen

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Long before American rivers saw inflatable rafts full of fun-seekers, they were navigated by rugged groups of journeymen who, like us, valued the river as a way of life.

Our Story

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The origin of the Rivermen was our founding family's (the Campbells) wild desire to explore, to discover adventure, to share camaraderie and to experience the awesome beauty of nature.

Maps of Our Resort

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It's big place, Adventures On the Gorge—don't get lost getting back to your cabin or campsite. And, hey, where's the pool?


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