Full Day Climbing & Rappelling

Climbing & Rappelling at Almost 1000' Above the New River

Challenging and exhilarating!

With 1000’s of routes ranging from beginner to advanced there’s a perfect spot for any rock lizard to get vertical in the New River Gorge with Cliffside Climbing. Our programs are geared to make you succeed. We take care of all the rigging and any technical aspects on these recreational climbs.

It’s no wonder the rock climbing and rappelling are so popular. You’ll take a short hike out to some of the most spectacular areas in the Gorge. Whether you’re at The Bridge Buttress with a breathtaking view of the New River Gorge Bridge or Ram’s Head Rock with 5 major New River rapids in your sights below, the beauty alone will make you glad you came.

During a full day, we have plenty of time to try numerous climbs and rappels—and to learn some valuable skills, such as knot tying and belaying (securing a rope for a climber) along the way.

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Rock Climbing is a physically demanding sport, even at its easiest. Though we have access to climbing routes the tops of which most people can reach, it isn't always easy. Add to this the height, and you get an activity that is as challenging as it is thrilling. Rappelling on the other hand is not physically demanding, but it will take all the courage you can muster!

What should I bring?
Comfortable shoes (no flip flops), a long sleeve shirt or jacket (for cooler days), long pants or shorts depending on the weather report, rain gear for rainy or windy days, sunglasses (with neck strap), sunscreen, insect repellant (spring through fall), drinking water and a small backpack or fanny pack (optional).

What does Rivermen provide?
We provide certified instructors, of course, but also the equipment you'll need to climb, such as climbing shoes, which are for climbing only, helmets, harnesses, hardware and ropes. And lunch at the cliff! You'll need your own shoes while hiking and rappelling.

How many people can you take in one group?
Climbing areas are heavily regulated by the National Park Service, so group sizes are limited in any given area. Therefore large groups may need to be separated. Also, no spectators are allowed, as they add to our total number and affect our instructor to guest ratio. Our apologies for any inconvenience!