Kids Camp

Kids Camp—Adventures for You Little Ones While You Adventure for You!

You've got the adventure of your life booked, and you're breathless just waiting for it. Finally, Friday rolls around. You roll out of work, run home, toss your bags in the car, grab the kids and head for Rivermen. Wait a sec... what are the kids going to do while you're raging on the rapids of the Lower New River? Don't your kids deserve an adventure, too!? Of course they do, and that's why we have Kids' Camp, a great way to share some adventure with the little loves of your life while you bask in your own glow of adrenalin-fueled glory.

We've got all sorts of way for kids as young as 5 to fill a day playing wild, including arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, hikes and Canyon Falls Swimming Hole.




Full Day




Fall, Summer



Due to the need to keep a pretty tight reign on the adult-to-child ratio, we are unable to accept walk-ups for Kids' Camp. Please reserve your spot in advance! Prices vary by 1/2 day or full day. 

Do I need a reservation for Kids' Camp?
Yes, indeedy. We take our adult-to-child ratios pretty seriously, so we definitely need advance notice of attendees. Please call to reserve spots for your youngsters.

What sort of protection is in place for my children?
Our Kids' Camp staff are all dedicated and caring, and many of also school teachers. Never the less, we have strict policies in place to govern our interactions with your kids. None of our staff will ever be alone with just your child, for example. As well, when you drop him or her off at the start of Kids' Camp, we'll give you a release ticket. We won't let your child go to anybody who doesn't have that ticket. And as with all of our adventures, we place a very high value on safety.

What do my kids need to bring to Kids' Camp?
Just themselves and clothing appropriate for whatever the weather has in store. We'll take care of everything else.