2-Hour Evening Hike

Hiking in West Virginia's Stunning New River Gorge

Fun and educational!

This is the New River Gorge! It's got some pretty amazing things to see, if you're willing to leave your car behind and venture into the woods with one of our knowledgeable and friendly guides.

There's so much to see here—so many secluded waterfalls, creeks, wildlife and history (the Gorge is filled with abandoned mining towns), how is a guest in the area supposed to know exactly where to go? Leave the driving, so to speak, to us, that's how. We know all the best hidden spots around, and we can customize the route to your fitness level and based on what you'd like to see most.

In 2 hours, we can't go very far, but that's okay, because there's so much to see within a stone's throw of our campus—for example the stunning Mill Creek Trail.

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1 - 3 Hours




Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


$59 - $64

Ghost towns aplenty! The New River Gorge was once a thriving chain of coal mining towns, the product of which helped power the United States through the Industrial Revolution and both World Wars. Many of those town are still there, though nobody lives there anymore and the forest reclaimed them years ago. And we know precisely where all the best ones are.

What do I need to bring?
You'll need several things on your hike, not the least of which is closed-toed shoes to handle the often rocky and uneven terrain. Hiking boots are certainly recommended, but sneakers of running shoes are fine, too. You should also bring: a long sleeve shirt or jacket (for cooler days), long pants or shorts depending on the weather report, rain gear for rainy or windy days, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellant (spring through fall), drinking water and a small backpack or fanny pack.

What does Rivermen provide?
Since hiking isn't a gear-intensive sport like, say, rock climbing, you won't much more than what you bring yourself. We'll provide a guide who has the knowledge to get you to some amazing places, which you might otherwise never have seen.