2-Hour Evening Paintball

Paintball at West Virginia's New River Gorge—Guns and Paint Provided

Pulse pounding and intense!

Just enough time to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of your victims.

Ambush WV offers two battlefields spanning a total of 4 acres.  The woodland paintball field is perfect for groups of 8 to 20.  The smaller spool course doubles as a speedball field and strategic teambuilding course for your paintball pleasure!

Unlike most paintball areas, Ambush WV Paintball has professional referees who lead instructional sessions and ensure fair play for all participants.  Our referees will teach you how to play WV paintball the Hatfield and McCoys way.  Other paintball games include Civil War, The Presidency, capture the flag, surrender or die and other exciting games. Bring your family & friends, girl friends, bachelor party or come solo... we'll team you up for some 'predatory' fun!

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1 - 3 Hours




Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer


$59 - $64

This is the perfect group activity for weekend fun, corporate teambuilding, bachelor and birthday parties. Located minutes from Adventures on the Gorge West Virginia resort, Ambush WV's Fast Paced, exciting paintball & speed ball games and fields are one more reason to vacation with us! And Ambush, WV is  open year round.

What does Ambush WV Paintball provide?
Ambush WV Paintball includes: Referees (our staff train participants, set up & moderate games), a variety of 15-20 minutes games ranging from Civil War style battles to the classic Capture the Flag, goggles, paintball markers (Tippman Custom 98 guns), 500 paintballs (additional supplies available) and a paintball belt (holds 300 paintballs for quick reloading).

What do I need to bring?
Sturdy shoes and an eye-of-the-tiger, paint-or-be-painted instinct.

Does it hurt when you get hit by a paintball?
It certainly can, if you get hit in an unprotected area. That's why we provide goggles—this is supposed to be fun!