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Just Look at All the New Stuff!

TimberTrek, swimming pool, decks, remodels... Around Adventures On the Gorge, 2012 is becoming known as the year of new stuff.

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Gauley River Fun Facts

A few choice tidbits to psyche you up, psyche you out or just interest you!

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How Sweets It Is

The most stressful 30 seconds of my entire raft-guiding career.

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Essence of Gauley Guide

Bold... daring... adventurous... see the Video now.

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No Drought Here!

Where is there NOT a drought? Right here.

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2-for-1 Whitewater

With July 4th past, we have officially entered what we affectionately call “The Second Half of the Year.” Though the name isn’t terribly original, the fact that there are still a few ways to raft 2 for the price of 1 is.

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Panoramas On the Gorge

A small library of stunning panoramic photos.

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Gauley River Surprises

The best trip possible: the Spring Gauley.

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3 New River Trips in 2012

We’re offering 3 new rafting trips this year—from mild to wild.

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The Endless Underworld Hike

The Endless Wall Loop Trail has a secret cousin—let's call it the Endless Underworld Trail.

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The Best Hike Ever

Hiking is best when it's an adventure—when the outcome is not 100% certain.

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Ranking the Rivers, Part 2

The top run listed here is NOT the Upper Gauley. Say what?!

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The Lost Gauley

In 1966 Summersville Dam sealed the fate of the Lost Gauley. What's it like now?

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The Historic Fayette Theater

The Historic Fayette Theater preserves a landmark and its legacy for the community.

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The Class VI Tribe

Ever have one of those small-world moments when you run into an old friend in the oddest of places? Well, in the Rivermen tribe, those encounters aren’t all that rare.

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Breakin’ the Law!

Admiring the scenic beauty of West Virginia, Andy lay his head against the window and watched the colors of fall fly by him. He must have nodded off, though, because he awakened to a stranger shouting, "Sir!"

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The Raft of Love

That night, while hanging around our campfire, I told my boyfriend for the first time that I loved him.

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The Tracks from Weirwood to Pax

According to Fayette County legend, you shouldn't walk from Wierwood to the Pax City Hall at night…

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‘Girly-Girls’ Can Still Take on the Outdoors. And Win.

Rock Climbing and Biking Adventures Exceed Expectations

Adrena-Line 3000’ Zip at Gravity | Construction Update

Construction Update On New 3000’ Zip Line At Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines

New 3100’ Zip Line Under Construction at Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines

Class VI welcomes Songer Whitewater as new partner at Adventures On The Gorge

Teachers celebrate birthday, recognize guide as former student

First-time rafters and long-time friends raft the New

Visions for the future: What’s next for The Class VI

Governor Manchin and family jumpstart July 4th festivities at Class VI

We’ve Moved! The Class VI welcomes guests to new campus

Tour Specifics To Date…Definitely World Class

Its official - Bonsai design to Build first West Virginia Canopy Tour