2-for-1 Whitewater

Call 866-576-1935 to book any of those 2-fers!

With July 4th past, we have officially entered what we affectionately call “The Second Half of the Year.” Though the name isn’t terribly original, the fact that there are still a few ways to raft 2 for the price of 1 is. Here are three great ways for you to beat the heat, get splashy and go bold before the end of Gauley Season—at half price!

2-fer Tuesday
Every Tuesday through Labor Day is 2-fer Tuesday! Book a raft trip for you and one other person for any of those Tuesdays (there are 7 of them left), and one of you rides for free. Add to this the fact that we have no limit other than available seats in boats on how many pairs can book on 2-fer Tuesday, and you get a way to get a whole lot of friends and family wet and giggling. Choose the kid-friendly Upper New or big-wave Lower New River full-day trip.

Labor Day
It may not be a Tuesday, but Labor Day itself is also a 2-fer day for us. You and a friend… or you and a friend and two other friends… and so on—oher than available seats in boats, it’s limitless! Just like 2-fer Tuesday, choose the Upper or Lower New full-day trip.

Manic Mondays
Looking for a way to raft the mighty Gauley with a 2-fer? How about Manic Mondays? Every Monday during Gauley Season, raft 2 fer 1 on adventure-of-a-lifetime Gauley Marathons and the over-the-top-intense, all-you-can-stomach Double Upper.

Call 866-576-1935 to book any of those 2-fers!