New 3100’ Zip Line Under Construction at Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines

Construction is under way on a very exciting addition to Gravity New River Gorge Zip Lines - a 3100' zip line.  This zip line will make Adventures On The Gorge the home of the longest zip line on the east coast.  By itself this zip will match in length any other Fayette County competitor's total zip lines combined.  All the guides at TreeTops Canopy Tour and Gravity cannot wait. Check out the maps below to see the topographical map of the course.  The current starting point is just near the top of the ridge in the center of the page.  The 3100' zip line will be located at the very top near the green arrow. View Larger Map The map below is the same as the one above, however the green arrow indicates the landing zone of the 3100' zip. View Larger Map