Our Newest Activity - Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This summer we will have a new activity at Rivermen and Adventures On The Gorge - stand up paddle boarding.  So what is stand up paddle boarding and why hasn't it acquired a shorter name or acronym so you don't have to say stand up paddle boarding every time?  As to the second question, it has but I hate it.  Affectionately known as SUP by some, I just cannot force myself to tell someone that I'm going SUPing, so I'm stuck saying the whole phrase.  As to the first question, stand up paddle boarding is an activity suitable for any type of water and it's a blast.  Essentially you have a big surf board and a special paddle, which you use to paddle around a lake, make your way down a river, or surf a wave.  Most people start off with wobbly knees, but soon are balancing on the board like a pro and cruising across the water.  Stand up paddling has also been the latest craze in the fitness world as it is an incredible full body work out.  Although it doesn't seem like your that active, every muscle in your body is flexing while your trying to balance.  For those that like a challenge, love the water, and want an invigorating activity to fill up the rest of their day stand up paddle boarding is for you.