Panoramas On the Gorge

By Jay Young, photos by Matt Sloan and Jon Vickers

If you're a fan of our Facebook page, you may have noticed that we've put a lot of effort into capturing some pretty amazing photography of our adventure resort and what we do here. Over the course of the last couple months, I and two interns, Jon Vickers and Matt Sloan, have been out in the fireld almost daily with our eyes plastered to viewfinders and our stubby fingers mashing shutter buttons. And throught the season so far, Matt and Jon have been creating a small library of panoramic photos. I though you all migh like to see some of my favorites.

We tout the view from our various decks on the Canyon Rim Campus as among the best in the world. Well, here it is from Sunset Point... at sun rise. Photo: Vickers.

Not to sell daily life on campus short, here's Vickers' take on the Class-VI check in area, as rafters mass for the day.

We've taken an awful lot of pool pics. Here's one from only a day or two after it opened at our staff party. Photo: Sloan.

With all the hoopla surrounding the amazing rivers around here, it's easy to forget the Lake—Summersville Lake, that is. Here's a Vickers Pano from one of our Summersville climbing & kayaking trips, which we run from pontoon boats!

More daily life in this one. Here's the center of the Mill Creek Campus in front of Rendezvous Lodge. If you've been here, but still dont quite recognize it, take a closer look. It's a 360-degree panorama! Vickers.

It's a point of pride with all three of us that we'll go anywhere and do anything to get the the pictures we want. To get this one, Jon and Matt had to launch a rope through the crotch of one of our big sugar maples, then Vickers climbed the rope high into the tree with his camera. This picture is actually a byproduct. The main reason to go into the tree was to rig a GoPro camera to shoot time lapse of Canyon Falls Swimming Hole during the sunrise. We needed that for our video: Under the Edge: The First Descent of Canyon Falls Swimming Hole

It want't really until after Canyon Falls Swimming Hole was complete that realized the photo potential of the pool at twilight. We've been getting a lot of mileage out of this one! Photo: Sloan.

And of course, once we released the sunset panorama demon, it was impossible to put it back. Here's another Sloan pano, from the deck out fromt of Smokey's On the Gorge.

It wasn't until about two weeks ago, with the panorama collection well under way that I realized we didn't have any rafting panos. Sloan ran with it, and came home with this gem of a Songer boat in Lower Keeney. 

It's not the sunsettiest (to coin a term) pano of the bunch, but it's close enough. This is evening time at Summersville Lake, as our Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding class winds down for the day. Also a Vickers creation.

What else would you like to see a panorama of?