Post Office At Double Z Rapid

Well of course there isn't a post office on the Lower New river now, but if you happened to be rafting in 1873 you would have been able to stop in Nuttallburg, located on the river right side of Double Z rapid and drop off your mail. What in the world was a post office doing next to one of the Lower New's largest rapids - coal.  Nuttallburg was a coal town whose population peaked at 410 people in 1910.  As one of the earliest mining operations in the New River Gorge, Nuttall opened right after the Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) railroad was completed in 1873.  A family operation for several decades the Nuttallburg mine operation was sold in 1920 to Henry Ford.  The worlds most famous automaker used our recreation area to supply high quality steam coal to his automobile plants.  The mining operation went through a few other owners before it closed in 1958. How come you have never heard of this prominent town?  Well most people, including the guides, are always distracted by the waves in Double Z.  Only when you stop in the middle of the rapid and peer through the trees can you see the remnants of a gigantic coal tipple and its infrastructure.  Soon enough you won't have to worry about taking your eyes off one of the Lower New's largest rapids to check out the local history; the National Park Service is building new trails and access to Nuttallburg. Check out this link for a gallery of Nuttallburg photos taken in 1899.