Class VI Alum Wants You To Join The Society

Can you keep a secret? Well, maybe it's ok if you tell a few people. Afterall, the area's newest hangout  is always looking for new members. The Secret Sandwich Society opened it's doors June 23 in downtown Fayetteville. Playing off of the myths that certain hush hush societies exist in America, particularly related to our presidents, I guarantee this dining experience is not like any other you've ever had. In fact, every sandwich listed is named for a U.S. president (except, of course, for the "Churchill"). With a menu chocked full of delicious sandwiches, desserts and side dishes plus charming decor there's no reason not to check it out. This is not the first journey into the culinary world for owners David Bailey and Tashia Hippler. David opened the highly popular Pies and Pints Pizzeria, also located in Fayetteville, while Tashia has worked in several high-end restaurants all over the country. She also was a guide and videoboater for The Rivermen. Along with her business partner, these two are continuing to revolutionize the dining options in Fayetteville, for visitors and locals alike. I decided to drive over on opening day and check this place out myself. For those of us who remember, the location of the shop at 103 1/2 Keller Ave. has a long tradition of great food, even being the original home of Pies and Pints. The charm is undeniable and the food delicious. I mean, who doesn't want to eat something with the words "bacon jam" in the description? These are not your average sandwiches either. For example, the "Ulysses" consists of roast pork, manchego, fruit chutney and arugula on cuban bread. Can you say yum? I chose the "Roosevelt" which I highly recommend by the way. Places such as the Secret Sandwich Society are what make this area so special. When you book your trip with Adventures On The Gorge and Rivermen make sure to take full advantage of the area. Also, don't forget we have some awesome dining options at our facility, too. Check out Buffler's BBQ, Chetty's Pub, Scoops Ice Cream and Smokey's On the Gorge. We're so proud to have people like Tashia in our Rivermen family and wish her the best of luck with the Secret Sandwich Society. Now I have only one question left to ask: are YOU a member yet?