The Raft of Love

By Jenny Peterson Note: At Adventures On the Gorge we're midway through a promotion we call Countdown to Crazy. Half sale, half contest, participants can enter to win a $1000 gift certificate by booking lodging and/or activities for the winter 2011/2012 season, or they can submit a blog post. Needless to say, the guest-authored blog content has been rolling in and some of it is quite good! Here's one from Jenny Peterson, a guest of ours who writes about a subject very near and dear to our hearts—true love. Don't forget to check out Jenny's pictures below. Now, without further ado... Jenny and JamesIn Sept 2009, eight of us (including my boyfriend) decided to tackle the Upper Gauley. Of the eight people, only five of us had been whitewater rafting before, and we needed a guide we could trust. Lucky for us, Troy Perry with the Rivermen was that guy! He knew he was in for a treat when we were doing our dry-land practice—I think he said a few prayers before we headed down the river. As we got ready to launch, I noticed we were the first boat and I got a little concerned. Troy informed us that we were the "safety" boat. Oh, geez! All I could think  was, "Who's gonna save us when we all fall out?" Needless to say, we conquered the river that day. None of us fell out and we even saved a few rafters that fell out behind us. I had rafted the New River at least five times, but the Gauley was the ultimate rush. But not only was that day on the river an amazing memory, it was truly the beginning of a lifetime. That night, while hanging around our campfire, I told my boyfriend for the first time that I loved him. Over the past two years, our love has grown stronger and two weeks ago he asked me to be his wife. Knowing that West Virginia and river rafting was a milestone in our relationship, we plan on including it in our wedding plans. In late April we will return to the rapids with a large group of friends to celebrate our marriage. The gorge is a special place that we can't wait to share with others. [gallery link="file"]