The Class VI Tribe

ShaunaBy Shauna Johnson and Jay Young

Ever have one of those small-world moments when you run into an old friend in the oddest of places? Well, in the Rivermen tribe, those encounters aren’t all that rare. “I was sitting in the office on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon,” said Reservationist, Shauna Johnson, “because this time of the year the phone doesn't ring much, when one of my favorite people called my office line.”

On the other end was longtime Rivermen guide, Robert Seay. “‘Just the person I was looking for!’ he says, which usually means I’m in trouble.” Seay continued, “I'm driving from Charleston to Huntington today and you will never guess who I found! I got a phone call from your favorite Ohioan Teamster, James Eversole.”

Eversole, an equally long-time Rivermen guest, was driving his big rig behind Seay, when he noticed the Maravia raft sticker on Seay’s truck. He quickly dialed up the Adventures On the Gorge office and got Seay’s mobile number. “We stopped and had lunch,” Seay told Johnson, “and he told me to tell you hi!"

“I was tickled to death!” Said Johnson. “First of all, Robert is always good for a laugh on any day of the week and I have booked James and his Teamster crew for years now. Its always good to hear from him. James, see you next year!

Have you ever run into Rivermen staff at places other than Rivermen?