Stop Sloshing; Get River Shoes

What benefits can you get from a good pair of river shoes?
  • A reliable, sturdy piece of footwear that's always ready to go on your aquatic endeavors.
  • Less weighed down, since the water drains more swiftly from water-ready material.
  • Traction for raft/kayak entry and exit.
What difficulties can you avoid with a good pair of river shoes?
  • Watching your fancy flip-flops or flats float down the river after your rafting trip.
  • An uncomfortable rest of the ride down the river with no foot protection.
  • A smelly shoe at the end of the day. It's like wet dog. It at least partially dried while you still had your feet in it. It's going to need some freshening up at the least.
Ok, I'm sold. How do I get some of this convenient and snazzy footwear? Before your trip, get some at the Adventures on the Gorge stores: one on the Canyon Rim Campus beside Class VI rafting and Rolling Waters Kayak School, and one at the Mill Creek Campus beside Rivermen rafting and Songer rafting. And no need to fret; they won't break the bank. You can get a great working pair for about $20, or spring for a pricier one. Inside tip: you'll definitely want to snag some sunscreen if you didn't bring some along.