What It Takes To Be A Raft Guide Pt. 2

Last week we looked into the beginning of what it takes to be a raft guide at Rivermen and Adventures On The Gorge.  After the first weekend of raft guide training, all of the trainees have a grasp on the style raft trip we offer our guests and are now ready to learn how to steer that raft, this however takes a lot longer than one weekend. The first step is learning the fancy strokes you saw your raft guide using.  Pries, draws, rudders, J-strokes, C-strokes, these are all done hundreds if not thousands of times by each trainee is flat water.  Then these strokes are taken to current as trainees begin to learn how to read water.  Even though you begin learning these strokes in class II, its trial under pressure because if you mess up it means that the other seven trainees in the raft have to paddle even more until you learn.  These first couple weeks are exhausting as every trainee has to paddle constantly while one of their peers learns.  However hard work is not without reward as many of the trainees get to begin guiding some of the class II-III rapids.  Stay tuned to learn more  about What It Takes To Be A Raft Guide.