Spring & Summer Gauley

One of the most amazing whitewater rafting runs in America isn't just for Fall. The Gauley flows all year long!

This is adventure incarnate. We can't even really tell you what to expect until the morning of the trip. 

Most people know the Gauley runs at predictable high flows in the Fall—we call it Gauley Season. But that's not the only time there's water out there. In Spring and Summer months we never really know what's in store until the morning of our trip—the water could be astronomically high, or barely a trickle. Whichever it is, there's no such thing as a tame level on the Gauley. That's part of why guides look forward to these days—they are spontaneous and surprising.

We will pick the boats and river section most appropiate for the water level. Be ready for anything!

In the Spring, the Gauley sometimes runs at water levels that are much higher than during Fall releases. When this happens, we typically run Gauley River rafting trips on the Middle and Lower sections of the river. You might catch the Gauley River at flows near standard Fall release, or you might even be lucky enough to run the Lower Gauley at levels 3-5 times higher than normal Fall flows—that's the cream of the crop, the baddest whitewater trip we can offer.

Summertime levels typically change the appearance of the Gauley River drastically. Typically, there's much less water, which makes makes the river narrower and the drops steeper... so we use smaller boats. Exciting! You’ll run the same rapids that have made the Gauley River famous, but in 6 or 4 person rafts or inflatable 1-person duckies. That's right! Your own boat! This trip is a challenge and may take you out of your river rafting comfort zone, but it promises to give you an exciting close-up view of some booming whitewater. The Upper Gauley ducky trip especially is an experience that will blow your bucket list away. 

*If the Gauley is not running at acceptable flows, we may run the Lower New River instead, but we'll upgrade you to a small raft at no extra charge

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$129 - $159

What type of river is the Gauley?
You can expect one of the wildest rides of your life in a duckie on the Upper Gauley River. The Upper Gauley in the summer is still the Beast of East—the rapids are steep, dramatic and technical class IV+ drops with boulders and other hazards apparent. Expect tight, technical maneuvering, hard hits and a real adventure in every sense of the word.

What does Adventures on the Gorge provide?
We provide transportation to and from the river, all rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle & boat), professional instruction and guides accompanying the trip and lunch alongside the river.

How much time do we spend on the water?
The total trip is 1 very full day from the time you leave base camp until you return. We spend most of that time on the water, but a total of 1-1.5 hours is spent commuting to and from the river. 

How big are the boats?
Duckies are 1 or 2-person inflatable kayaks.

What else might we need?
You should bring any medication you need throughout the day, plus sunscreen, sun glasses and if the weather is a little nippy, a dry layer to put on after the trip. (Your guide will be able to put it into a dry bag.) If necessary, we also rent wetsuits and paddle jackets. Our video boaters also accompany most trips and we offer DVDs of your experience for an extra charge. To ensure you get a video, you can pre-order one with your reservation.