Lower Gauley

West Virginia Lower Gauley River Whitewater Rafting, and Dining

Locals know that, if it weren’t for the Upper Gauley, the Lower Gauley would be the premier West Virginia whitewater run. Of all the trips we have that are suitable for the average first-timer, the section of river we run on this trip—the Middle and Lower Gauley—is the longest and most difficult. The gorge down there is steep and inaccessible and the scenery is absolutely breath taking.

And it certainly won't disappoint the experienced thrill-seekers in your group either, with plenty of adrenaline to go around. In fact, 2 of the 3 biggest hits on the entire Gauley River are on the Lower. There are more than 70 rapids on this 17-mile whitewater trip, and almost half of them are rated class III or above.

This getaway also includes a full day of meals with a hot all-you-can-eat lunch on the river and all-you-can-eat breakfast before you depart for rafting.

Prices are per person and do not include tax and fees. Prices vary by day of the week and number in party.




Full Day






$159 - $219

Items in This Getaway:

Fall Lower Gauley

Fall Lower Gauley

If it weren't for the Upper Gauley just upstream, the Lower Gauley would be the premier run in the east. In fact, the Lower Gauley has 2 of the 3 biggest waves on the entire Gauley—and that's saying something.

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Whatever you like! If you’d prefer to camp under the stars, we have that available in two campgrounds—one more suited to families and one with more liberal quiet hours. If you like the idea of camping, but you don’t have the equipment for it, we have everything from platform tents to primitive bunk houses with nothing more than walls, a roof and electricity. We’ve got Mountain Cabins, too, which are a step up. They have private bathrooms, heat, AC and efficiency kitchenettes. Outback cabins are a little more swanky and have more amenities, and Deluxe Cabins—with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms are even better with amenities such as wi-fi and hot tubs. Still not sufficient? Check out any of our luxury vacation homes, such as Paddle House, which sleeps up to 12 in high style and sits literally on the rim of the New River Gorge.